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Chapter 1

The Smart Money Buyer

Unless You Demand Differently, Manufacturers and Dealers Will Keep You In The Dark

The hearing aid business has been, and still is, a sales driven enterprise. Though dealers of every stripe go to great lengths to portray themselves as “hearing health care professionals,” the truth is this: their mission is to sell you hearing aids at the highest possible price point and profit margin.

It is absolutely not in dealers’ interest to inform you as to the exact models of hearing aids they sell, or to give you a specific price for those models in advance of the sales appointment (see Appendix B, Price Double Talk).

This is why you almost never find any legitimate product and price information for hearing aids anywhere on the web. The only sites that do give prices are usually “fronts” for marketing middle-men that enforce those prices on struggling independent dealers.

Our mission is to give consumers the product and market information they need to competitively shop for hearing aids, along with a step-by-step plan to follow when shopping.

Section I: What You Need to Know About Hearing Aids

Discusses the FDA’s medical evaluation requirement and its rules governing hearing aid dispenser conduct. We then describe the “Six Product Qualifier Keys” you use to ensure that you only consider current high-performance product from the leading manufacturers.

Section II: What You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Dealers

Describes the various types of dealers you will encounter as you search for value, and provides insights into the business practices you must be aware of.

Section III: The Nine Step Winning Plan

Summarizes the six product selection keys and describes the nine specific steps to follow on your path to winning at hearing aids.