This information was copied from the website of a Big Six dealer chain with over 100 locations in the USA. Notice that they try to convince you that there are circumstances that justify paying $4,500 EACH for hearing aids, but tease you into thinking $750 each might be all you need…a classic example of “bait-and-switch” sales tactics.

Why Would Anyone Pay Over $2,500 For A Hearing Aid?

“The fact is there are nearly as many technology options as there are levels of hearing loss. Some very sound technologies cost much less than $2,500, and others that cost well above that number – EACH. Which one is right for you depends on the level and complexity of your problems with hearing as well as your lifestyle needs.

Ultimately, we’re trying to use technology to compensate for something impossibly intricate: the human ear. This requires a lot of sophistication, and is the result of expensive research and development and some very powerful circuitry in a very compact device.

The key is to strike the right balance between price and lifestyle need. For a mild loss and quiet lifestyle, a $750 hearing aid may be just right. However, a more severe loss and a lifestyle that includes gatherings with family, friends, and coworkers, may require a hearing aid with $4,500 worth of technology that utilizes directional microphones, speech preservation, and other advanced features.

Whether you would qualify for that $750 hearing aid, or would be better fit with one that is $2,500, or even $4,500, we can assure you that your life will improve as you take the necessary steps to better hearing.”

The unwillingness to provide specific prices before the sales appointment is the norm when calling dealers directly. People who answer the phone are oftentimes carefully trained NOT to answer direct questions about product and price. Instead they tell you “because everyone’s hearing loss and lifestyle are different, it’s not possible to estimate what would work for you.” They then go to great lengths to schedule you for a hearing test. If you’re asked to bring your husband or wife with you because “we want to use their voice in the test,” be warned that you are dealing with a hard sell operation. The true reason behind this request is to defeat you’re ability to say “I can’t decide to buy until I talk to my husband/wife” when they’re trying to convince you to buy immediately.

If you’re calling a Web Front-End, they will gladly talk about pricing and product (in a very non-specific way) because published prices are the hook they use to get you to call. They too will do everything possible to have you schedule a hearing test. If you agree to do so, the Front-End now has a claim against the dealer’s profit if you buy from that dealer. Though the Front-end wants you to believe they’ve added value by lowering your cost on the purchase, the truth is the dealer would gladly sell you the product at the same price without the involvement of the Front-End. Why? Because the dealer gets to keep the share of the profit the Front-End demands in return for scheduling you. This is why you should NEVER schedule a hearing test appointment with a Web Front-End. Seek out dealers direct and ask them to meet the Front-End’s published prices and oftentimes they will.