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Chapter 19

ADRO At Sam’s Club

It’s Not Big Six, But You Might Want To Listen To It

Ten years ago, renowned researchers Peter Blamey PhD and Elaine Saunders PhD introduced a line of hearing aids based upon a sound processing technology used in cochlear implants. Known as ADRO, this patented technology has been rated superior to the one used by the Big Six in a number of studies. ADRO is exclusively licensed in the USA to Hearing Lab Technologies, LLC (HLT) which manufacturers under the Liberty brand. Liberty RICs are available in Sam’s Club Hearing Centers throughout the USA.

In that Sam’s Club has over 400 hearing centers, and in that it only sells Liberty hearing aids, HLT is certainly a force to be reckoned with. It is unlikely that a company with the capitalization and reputation of Walmart/Sam’s Club would fail to perform on after sale support promises made to its members. Therefore, if you were to purchase ADRO based hearing aids, it is unlikely you would become stranded without support if HLT were to fail.

Many wearers of ADRO technology are extremely enthusiastic about the sound quality and its management of voices in background noise. If you are interested in ADRO, Sam’s Club will test your hearing free of charge and program RICs for you to wear and demonstrate in a noisy warehouse environment.

Be advised that until just recently, Liberty RICs had no wireless capabilities. Make sure you understand the wireless features of the Liberty RICs, especially if connectivity to your smartphone or television set is of interest.