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Chapter 7

Big Six Shell Games

Hearing Aid Re-Branding Tactics Keep You Confused

Now that you are aware of the Big Six, the next step is to learn the brands under which they sell hearing aids. Unfortunately their brands are not easily identified in the marketplace. Though each company has a single flagship brand for its best products, all repackage their circuits into different end-user brands commonly known as “B” brands. In addition to “B” brands the Big Six also have dealer storefront brands like William Demant’s Avada and AccuQuest hearing centers, or Starkey’s Audibel centers.

Any hearing aid labeled with a “B” brand, or a dealer brand, is a derivative version of a flagship brand model. However, it is common for key features of the flagship brand model to be reduced in capability, or removed entirely. It is also possible for the “B” brand/dealer brand model to be based on outdated older generation technology. This is why you should only consider flagship brands – it’s the only way to know you’re getting the full feature-set of Big Six designs.

The Big Six flagship brands are:

  • Phonak by Sonova
  • Oticon by William Demant
  • Siemens by Sivantos
  • ReSound by GN
  • Widex by Widex
  • Starkey by Starkey