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Costco Can’t Do It All

Not Everyone Wants To — Or Should — Get Their Hearing Aids From a Warehouse Club

Admittedly – to the salvation of the remaining independent retailers and physician’s offices – not everyone will want to, or should, have their hearing issues dealt with in a warehouse setting. Some examples are people:

  • with medically treatable conditions of the ear, or who just feel more comfortable in a physician’s office
  • who want to avoid huge parking lots, warehouse size buildings, and crowded retail aisles
  • who dislike driving long distances and prefer the convenience of a neighborhood location
  • who want a professional office setting where an emphasis on privacy and hospitality are found
  • who want a person to answer their phone calls and give them prompt attention
  • who dislike the long waits for appointments common at Costco’s very busy hearing aid centers
  • who want unhurried and attentive service relative to how their hearing aids fit, sound and look
  • who want to consistently work with the same dispenser/specialist for ongoing service and support
  • who are power-users of wireless technology in their work, or as part of home entertainment, and who need competent technical support for that use

By delivering on these other dimensions of customer satisfaction, independent dealers and physician’s offices have a chance to win customers from Costco. But until they can do so without charging two to three times more for comparable product, Costco drives the market.