Few products impact your life’s experience more than hearing aids, and they are not something to be bought on impulse – though most people do. This results from a “let’s get it over with” attitude found in people who’ve finally become resigned to needing better hearing. Having waited years to do something, they then rush out in reply to a $1,000 off coupon and pay thousands more than necessary.

When people do try to gather worthwhile information, they discover that dealers are universally unwilling to quote an exact price for anything. Instead they hear “We have hearing aids ranging from $750 to $4,500. Until we learn about your lifestyle and your degree of hearing loss, it’s impossible to say what the price will be.” Another dodge is…“We don’t quote hearing aid prices over the phone; you’ll have to come in and meet with one of our hearing health care professionals. Only then can we determine what will work best for you.”

When this happens, you are encountering the dealer’s tried-and-true attempt to hide behind the health care professional facade. The game is to prey upon your conditioned behavior to never ask a physician’s office in advance what a visit will cost. Don’t fall for it.

Inform the dealer that you’ve already been medically cleared by an ENT and that you have a copy of your hearing test. Tell them you are shopping for RICs and again ask if they will quote their prices and terms. If they refuse, hang up and keep looking for a dealer who will treat you with respect.

Be forewarned, winning at hearing aids will take dedicated effort on your part. If you are uncomfortable with confronting these sales companies with direct questions as above, enlist the help of a family member or friend who will be your advocate in the process.